Happy Birthday, Boston Tea Party — 5 Comments

  1. I read through the above thinking to myself, gadzooks! GD has actually put some thought and effort into this today. Then I saw your name at the bottom and all became clear. Well done Willie.

  2. Does this make it a Grandad’s Willy posting…

    ok just a thought …

    have you had enough of a break to make a commitment to Murphy’s yet?

  3. TT – Sorry for the confusion.  The site played silly-buggers with me today and kept deleting what I had written.  In my many attempts to post, I omitted my introduction.

    Cardi – A commitment to Murphy’s?  What the fuck are you on about?  I never make a commitment without a positive DNA test.

  4. GD-Thanks for the credit.  I hope the short break gave enough time to shovel out the path.  Have a pint at the village pub on Cardi.

    TT-Thanks for the encouraging words.  I figured a Yank may have some glimmer of what the hell I was mumbling about.

    Cardi-Be careful of what you ask for.

    Where the hell are the millions of readers I anticipated?

  5. I’d like to order a large plate of anarchy, sprinkled lightly with revolution, with a side order of black market, and a little blood-on-the-streets sauce ……. all to go wrapped in no label paper.

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