Six inches of Global Warming — 4 Comments

  1. That’s a good rant, so glad you are back to what you and I deem as normal, any news of the Irish people telling the EU and it’s bankers to fuck off?  I would love to see it happen and am sure it would start the ‘ball rolling’ elsewhere.  I can just see the headlines “The Emerald Isle saves the World”.

  2. FH – Me?  Normal?  Thanks.  Can I frame that?  I was watching a programme tonight on Ireland and the Euro.  They are claiming that Ireland may have done nearly the impossible – to have a bank crisis that not only destroys Ireland but an entire currency too.  Happy days could be coming back?!

  3. Six Inches of Global Warming… Hahahahahahaha!  Brilliant!
    Our temps here have been in the range for alot of Global Warming but all we have is some really really cold Climate Change.  Yesterday’s high temp was 23DEGF (-5C).  So we’re getting all the Climate Change with no Global Warming.

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