New laws — 9 Comments

  1. I think it’s a case of you Europeans trying to act like Americans.  It sit like that quite often.  It allows me to cross my legs without crunching my ‘cojones’.  I like sitting like that while my sunglasses are pushed to the top of my head.

  2. Maybe you were born to be a world famous pop-star?  But somewhere along the line you managed to fuck up your destiny?

  3. It is my observation that males crossing their legs is like some sort of secret message, like a handshake.  Why the hell else would anybody sit like that?  It’s not natural.  I want as much circulation to my malehood as I can get.  

    Maybe those “singers” are trying to keep their voices in a high pitch, like Wayne Newton’s used to be.

  4. You know people are getting ruder and more disrepectful every day. I was round at somebody’s house last night and when I asked them for an ashtray they did not have one. Honest to God how ignorant not to provide ashtays for your guests who wish to smoke.

  5. tt…just grind out your cig. butt on the dinner plate.  You may not be asked back, however.

  6. If I call around to somebody’s house and they don’t provide an ashtray, I just use the floor.  They soon take the hint.

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