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  1. I find it astonishing to hear a politician stating that the ‘law’ doesn’t matter as and when it suits his purposes and yet for decades this same politician forces every bugger else in Ireland, except his mates, to obey the law on pain of fine or prison. Thick tosser. He is advocating anarchy which is ‘rule without government’ so yes I am all for it and if the price is a few oxygen thieves talking a walk in the woods its a price well worth paying.
    If it works in Ireland it will work here as well.

  2. Bill – For the last couple of years we have repeatedly been told that things can’t be done “for legal reasons”.  The banks were untouchable “for legal reasons”.  Ministers and TDs were entitled to outrageous allowances “for legal reasons”.  Now suddenly the law doesn’t matter so much, just because they know there would be blood if staff in Allied Irish Banks were paid a bonus of €40,000,000.  It’s a pity they didn’t decided this earlier.  Maybe they could have saved more like €40,000,000,000?

    Cardi – Does that mean my picture will appear on countless students’ t-shirts in the future?

  3. I know for sure that if I had an account with AIB I would withdraw all my money and close the account as it would be THE RIGHT THING TO DO.
    Then I’d find out where that cunt Foy lives and napalm his house.

  4. FH – Thanks for the link.  I do need some new ones after the moths got at my last one.  I haven’t been able to rob a bank since…

    Mossy – Napalm is wondrous stuff.  Who says nothing good ever came out of America?

  5. Willie – Because of your link, you ended up in my waiting room.  Thanks for that, but I already have an arms dealer, and there is always eBay?

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