Holiday time again — 11 Comments

  1. Captain H – do you remember lying in the street outside the “Fawcett Inn” in Southsea having imbibed a goodly amount of Pusser’s finest? Then telling the young naval provo to fuck off back to his mother? You do? Well a holiday is like that … only longer.

  2. “C” .. you know me far better than I’d previously suspected .. (which in itself is somewhat worrying) ..

    I used to live in Fawcett Road, Southsea .. and used to drink in the Fawcett Arms .. In fact, I had my “Stag Night” in there (amongst other places) .. Lol

    I married a Southsea girl (but that’s another dit) ..

    I do, albeit dimly .. have recollections of these “Holiday” thingies ..

    It was 1997 .. the year of our Silver Wedding .. we went to Lake Garda ..

    But due to other constraints .. I haven’t had one since .. ROFL …

  3. Captain, be not alarmed! My parents used to live in Tel. Rd (staggering distance from the Force it Inn) and I met up with a couple of lads from Eastney one never to be forgotten night. If MGRM had heard of their suggestions viz. his immediate future he would have had the vapours…

  4. “C” .. any scurrilous stories which you might hear about Royal Marines Barracks, Eastney, a Chief Petty Officer Wrens, a Ladies pedal cycle & a tin of Swarfega .. are a tissue of lies ..

    It was all an innocent mistake (that was my defence & I’m sticking to it) … 😉

  5. We expect to hear happy news soon of the engagement between Caratacus and Haddock.  🙂

    Dick – They speak a foreign language there too, don’t they?  And even worse it’s more of a foreign language than French.

    Cardi – Still not too sure about Murphys. However I’m prepared to drink it if it pleases the natives.

    TT – You astonish me.  Something else we agree on?  [Can you remind me what the other thing was….?]

  6. Sorry to disappoint Grandad – I couldn’t be gay. Couldn’t cope with rejection from men as well as women…..

  7. The only item I recall us agreeing on is when you once wrote that the west bank should be the Mediterraneum Sea and I reluctantly agreed.

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