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  1. Well if as announced today, Jamie Oliver has the fastest selling non-fictional title of all time, truely anything is possible. BANG BANG BOSH, BOBS YOUR UNCLE movie deal in the bag Grandad. Go with Gibson as the lead, he needs a comeback plus good with the accents. “Ye canna take our freedom” etc etc

  2. I have cracked the password code:      shootafuckingtourist           And- How the  hell can I comment on your post if there was no post?

  3. Johnie – Is Gibson old enough?  Could be a good choice all right.  I would have preferred Peter O’Toole, but I think he’s a little too old now.

    Willie – You could have sent an email?  You could have posted an old fashioned post card?  You didn’t try very hard, did you?  As for the password – Damn!  Now I have to change it.

  4. No stick with Gibson, you’d be amazed what these makeup artists can achieve these days, sure Louis Walsh is actually a baboons’ arse.  Amazing.

  5. Johnnie – I have to disagree with you about makeup artists.  Louis Walsh still looks like  baboon’s arse.

    Willie – If you can get past the man-traps and minefields, you’re more than welcome.

  6. I knew you weren’t dead because the Guinness shares were still up, they will plummet when their best customer is no more!  I care about you so much I have put them on sharewatch so I know when you are out of sorts.
    Moaning old fecker!

  7. Ian – I am shocked!

    Sixty – Our K8 is already catered for in my will.  She gets my collection of pipes.

    FH – Now that is what I call being practical.  Good move.  I’ll ignore the last three words.

  8. damnit!  I have cancelled my Shannon flight one more time, packed away my red, white, and blue tee-shirt, bermuda shorts, and sunglasses meant to perch on top of head.

  9. If you touch that delete key, you’ll be popping your fucking clogs sooner than you think. And what’s this tardy shit missing a full day out. You better have a note from your shagging doctor for that !!!!!

  10. In fact, if you do go dying on us, a group will form, dig you up and beat the shit of you, so be careful and get back to that keyboard. !!!!

  11. Must admit, I had to “Google” Honeyball .. and having done so .. I suspect she’s got the raging arse-ache because she was offered more money to keep her “kit” on ..

  12. Captain H, I am unfamilar with the verb ‘to google”… assuming that it’s transitive I must conclude that you are a bad man. A very bad man indeed…!

  13. What I absolutely can’t understand is why SHE put this interview on HER OWN website. What with this person laughing in the middle! Shocking.

  14. Caratacus …

    “Twice round the world .. Go” !!

    (and no stopping for a dump at the North Pole either) ..

  15. I thought it was CaraCtacus. Maybe not.

    Anyways, I just went to Puddlecote’s site, enlarged the picture to full size and had a bloody good wank.

  16. Fuck!!

    I had to abandon the site for a wee while as I had to go out.  What do I find when I get back?  Yesterdays ramble has fucked off into the unknown somewhere.  Bollox!


    OK. I have managed to restore it.  It was a pain in the hole doing it, but I hate to see stuff disappear.  Fucking Interweb!!


    TT – Comments like that could be dangerous for people with weak hearts.

  17. It’s obvoius that the fat tart Honeyballs is miffed at not getting an invite from the snake O’Leary, to get her kit off for the camera. But, are women odd or what. I heard an interview recently from one that turned fifty and she was bemoaning the fact that she’d become invisible to men. Far from opening the door for her, it seems most of the lads were springing it back on her snout, and the old dog was hopping mad about that. Not a million years ago, holding open a Hotel door, I had some lezzie telling me she was perfectly capable of opening it herself. “Well for speaking to me in that tone young lady”, I said dismissively, “You can forget the ride completely”, and I marched off in a huff. There’s just no pleasing them I tell you. !

  18. Ta for the link, Grandad.

    It really is worth watching Hairy’s blog, it’s laugh a minute. The result of a piss poor intellect being thrust into Labour’s policy of making sure every minority (she’s the feminist) is represented under the EU election PR system. Incredibly, she was number 2 on the London list in the last election (number 3 lost)!

  19. John – I am a great believer in women’s lib.  I always slam doors in their faces as I know they don’t want to be patronised.

    Willie – Not half as confused as I am.

    Dick – You’re welcome.  I must add her to the multitudes in my feed thingy.  I enjoy a good laugh.

  20. @tt – you can thank the Romans for fucking my name up (along with a lot of other stuff – don’t take any notice of Monty Python). The Brythonic spelling (which, as a woad-painted Brit I would naturally prefer) does not have the extra “c”. I think Rolf Harris might have had something to do with it too….

  21. Could someone go check on GD?  After screwing up his last two posts, he has been mighty quiet.  I was going to visit him as an American tourist, but I really don’t want some numb nuts TSA agent
     x-raying at my privates and giggling.  And, I really, really don’t want some TSA jerk feeling me up. (TSA=Transportation Security A-hole)Thanks, Willie

  22. Two days since he posted “Storm in a bra cup.” Still with us old man? Gone AWOL for a couple of days? Tourist fired back did he? Or just craving attention again and I quote/paraphrase you from the other day  “Boo hoo I didn’t post yesterday and nobody wrote to see if I had died overnight, boo fucking hoo.”
    Now get your bony, lazy arse out of bed. Your public(convenience) awaits.

  23. Willie and TT – What the fuck do you think I am?  Some sort of automaton?  If I have nothing to say then I won’t say it.  If I have something to say then I might or I might not say it.

    And what’s this ‘craving attention’ shite?  I don’t need attention.  I need peace and quiet.

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