Afterlife — 7 Comments

  1. Heh!  This is fucking confusing.

    As far as I can work out, the next post I did overwrote this one.  It therefore grabbed all the comments as well.  I restored this post, but all the comments for it are under the other one, and I couldn’t be bothered working out which comments belong to which post and I would probably muck up the database anyway.

    Bollox!  Now I’m even more confused.


  2. You’ve got some clever minded regular followers. Perhaps you might be looking toward one of them being interested in Head Rambles post Grandad. It would never be the same of course but someone like minded and irky might be able and willing to carry the torch. It would be a shame to let it fade away.

  3. Not to worry, son.

    I PROMISE that once word of your ex-Grandadness reaches my ears, I shall promptly hack your site and turn it into a shrine honoring…well, something worthy. 

  4. Sorry I’m late.  Not to worry lad, I’ve got good news for you and all of mankind.  Even if you were to be clapped in irons, hooded and disappeared and your blog banished to the memory hole, your words will survive.
    Grandad archive
    The folks at have got your back.  Over to you, Grandad.

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