Time to grab your ankles — 20 Comments

  1. That put the fucking interviewer arsehole on his place, had he carried on being stupid he might well have got a slap, the guy put the case over very well especially about the day in the sunshine!

  2. I like this guy!  I’m with the Captain on this one.  Do away with the PC for PC’s sake BS.  🙂

    By the way, someone needs to b*tch slap the eejit interviewer!

  3. Bill – It could have been me, but I would have had to have lost a bit more hair first.

    Welcome ECT!  I have no idea who it is, but I would like to shake him by the hand, and even buy him a pint.


  4. I tried to see the video also, but no soap.  However, our Public Broadcasting System (PBS) ran a news story on the Irish Banking Mess (my words).  Is there no moral sense going on?  Is there no shame?  The bottom line is that the very same sham was, and still is, played upon many common people in the States, all for the gain of greedy bankers and investors.  Were are the criminal charges?

  5. The link now works g’dad – well worth waiting for – The inetrviewer might have said “Tell it like it is bearded one”  – “I’m sensing a wee bit of discontent!” Priceless … but unfortunately very true

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