Head Rambles Airport — 9 Comments

  1. Go out 10 minutes early. Start your engine. Go back in. Have a cup of tea with a wee dramm in it. You can buy a remote to start the car from inside your shack  house. Then go out and set off having left the gate open the night before. It’s not rocket science.

  2. Your  car would get further than the fecking plane would – I spent the afternoon at Dublin Airport waiting to be told that the flight to Cardiff was cancelled.

  3. Seems Cardiff Airport’s been cancelled!
    Flights are operating with some delays and cancellations to both arriving and departing flights. Please check with your airline for further information. Passengers should allow extra time for travelling to the airport.

  4. At least nobody is standing there giving you grief over the stuff you are taking with you in the car and then feeling you up or forcing you to make free pr()n for them

  5. TT – A couple of snags with your suggestion…..   I can’t leave the gate open overnight as Sandy might go on the rampage [again], and I wouldn’t leave a car unattended with the engine running.  I don’t trust my neighbours that much.

    Ian – There ya go now.  If you had called here instead of the airport, you would have got a grand brew, and still not get to Cardiff.

    Cardi – Thank you for converting my site into a flight information panel for Cardiff.  You’re welcome, but I think I deserve a couple of free flights in return?

    Dankoozy – I have been looking for one of those body scanners for months, and they haven’t appeared on eBay yet.  I want to erect one at the front gate.


  6. Why didn’t you get the missus to defrost the car while you were having your cuppa and then to open the gate for you. simples.

  7. Snowtires and a couple of concave mirrors on either side of the gate and you can take a run at it anytime you see the road is clear.

  8. Heh!  Good thinking, Dessiegee!


    Paulo1 – The neighbours would probably nick the mirrors too.

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