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  1. Now ye’re going to have to watch it again to see if Louis’ raison d’etre goes down in flames 🙂
    Seriously though, it’s a great way of lowering the musical expectations of todays youth and manouevering your audience into believing what constitutes talent. The judges obligatory standing ovation for every guest performer miming to a crap song more or less gives the game away!

  2. Jaysus GDad, your a brave man to have sat through that shite,on the other hand your brain is most probably irreversibly damaged. The walsh fucker is most likely the best thing we have ever exported to the other place,the horrible abomination of a human being. Now get on that phone a vote for our very own Mary.

  3. If this thing, X-Factor or whatever, is the same crap as American Idol (Idiot), I pity you, GD.  I cringe when I even flip through it.  Luckily, Mrs. Willie hates it too.  I conclude it is the Brit’s revenge for losing the Revolutionary War.  Simply, it is awful and fake.  (American Idol, that is)

  4. PS..Never, never slowly flick through the channels…Never give up control of the remote, and never listen to whomever, anyway.  Plus, I am delighted that the UK accepted the prick, Cowell, back into the Kingdom.  Hopefully, for you sake, he did not bring along “The Biggest Loser” with him. (a program of 500 pounders who vie to lose a few stones.)

  5. I just saw on the news that 60% of Germans want to go back to the DM. Apparently they don’t want to have to bail out any more European countries.

  6. What’s up GD?  Too cold to get your lazy butt out of bed today or did the cold see you off in the night?

  7. Jayzus!!  Herself insisted on watching again last night.  I have never seen such brain-dead material.  Talk about the lowest common denominator.  The greatest load of shite I have seen to date.

    Willie – All these programmes are out of the same stable.  Stick a few losers on the telly and then get a gullible public to phone in and vote.  They make a fortune out of the calls and so we will continue to see that kind of crap.

    TT – With a bit of luck, we are seeing the last gasp of the Euro.  And as for your last crack – I just couldn’t be bothered.

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