Fianna Fail in boyant mood — 7 Comments

  1. ‘Gren shoots’? – must have been cannabis – yer man’s definitely deluded .. but sober enough to continue shafting the nation ………

  2. The €423 rebate is about as significant as the big splash on the news about the tax defaulters – what was the total owed by seventy-odd people – about €1 million?  What about the billions made to disappear by Seanie, Fingers and co?

  3. For Willie. Just been to the Paki store to get me a bottle of Cutty to get me thro the evening. They were out of it, so money being tight and Jameson being $25  I got myself a bottle of Mac Albert Scotch 80 proof for $14.99.  Blended and distilled in the Dominican Republic. Strangest thing. Half way thro it and it isn’t half bad.

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