Throwing down the gauntlet — 12 Comments

  1. Me I flit between abysmal vista and excellent Jolicloud. I’ve used Ubuntu and Mint in the recent past and they are excellent and a lot less hassle than windows but Jolicloud is a slimmed down version of Linux that is more ‘web friendly’ whatever that is supposed to mean. I just find it easier to use but unfortunately business software requires bloody windows to run.
    To answer your cry from the heart try this;
    I don’t use it myself as I am a text editor and ‘cut and paste’ person but people who do use it say it is excellent.

  2. All of this bullshit is to make anyone over the age of 50 very cranky and mentally unstable.  Does taking a Valium and shot of booze help?  I’ll answer my own question and report back later.  Maybe.

  3. Windoz or Linux ! Sounds like a mental struggle about which headache tablet to take. You’re far to old to be worrying about what the machine thinks. What you need Grandad, is to take one Mac and stay out of bed. It’s based on the principle that it functions all the time, you do the creative stuff we all love, and neither of you fuck around with each other. It’s core is Linux, it’s the original Windowing system, and the Apps don’t keel over evertime you need them. And for a best selling author, don’t give me any shit about the cost of a Mac either.

  4. Bill – Thanks for that.  That link led to a couple of recommendations, but they waz all Windoze.  Bugger.

    Willie – Over 50?  Yiz are only a young lad, for God’s sake.  Wait ’til you get to my age, and you’ll find that the booze and pills are the staple diet of life.

    Bucko – Smartarse.

    John – *sigh*  I write about Windoze and the smartarses suggest I use Linux.  I use Linux and you crawl out of the woodwork with your Mac.  I give up.

  5. Windoze pisses me off big style all of the time which is why I am trying to move over as much as possible to Linux.
    I’ve had another dig around and found this
    which DOES run in Linux. Apologies for my first post distracted by global warming and the wikileaks non event.

  6. GD—-Hell, I am pushing 3/4 of a century next July.  I was vaguely referring to the “kids” under 50 who pose as whiz-bangs who can’t explain shit to this old duffer.  Anyway, there are times when I want to go back to the good ole days, pre-computer.  But how could I harass you?

  7. Bill – I tried to install Blogtk but the fucking thing won’t work.  I have a feeling I tried that before, along with Blogilo.  Still not a patch on Live Writer.  *sigh*

    Willie – At least we have one thing we can throw at the kids – it was our generation that invented the Interweb!

    TT – Too many.  Arf arf.

  8. Then sadly just like I you are betwixt the Windoze devil and the Linux deep blue sea. not a good place to be but that’s the status quo for now.

  9. @John – “Mac OS X is based upon the Mach kernel. Certain parts from FreeBSD’s and NetBSD’s implementation of Unix were incorporated in NeXTSTEP, the core of Mac OS X.” Sorry…not based on Linux. Close but no cigar.
    @tt – 79 episodes…woof woof
    @grandad – [sigh] Maybe someday Nice try though.

  10. Its a little late but there is a program designed to work within linux that lets you run some Windoz apps. Wine was the name, I believe. Think there were compatibility issues with previous versions but they may have been taken care of by now… Best of luck, in any case!

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