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  1. Same thing over here. The Republicans will not extend unemployment benefits for the long term unemployed so that they can extend the Bush era tax cuts to the rich. Absolute cunts. No other word for them.

  2. TT -n Your testbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb  was successful.  They should all be castrated and left penniless in the gutter.  Cunts.

  3. Anyone standing for election should be made to sign an unbreakable affidavit  if elected,to retrospectively withdraw ALL pension payments and perks to ALL current government members/judiciary/higher civil servants/bankers[coz WE own them as well now]. The only thing they should be entitled to is the dole/jobseekers allowance,but only after they have been severely means tested. No pensions at all except for the old age version.                          Any bastard who gained  through this traitorous bunch of FF/Green cunts should also be included. Any fucker who put property into NAMA and i’m thinking of one beardy cunt in particular,should be investigated by the CAB and any deals they have done with the state should be reneged on,the “national conference centre” for example,their current property should also be confiscated by the state. Fucking snow, I hate the stuff.

  4. Beggars belief how a certain few can shaft the majority so merrily and walk away with a smile on their face and a glowing balance in their bank acounts … and we let them get away with it .. on either side of the pond. Bring on the revolution ……..

  5. The first act of the next government should be to drastically reduce, if not eliminate all these penions and perks that the outgoing lot get.  Will they?  Will they fuck!!!

  6. Unfortunately “these people” are living on the same planet as the rest of us and, not only that, but in the same country. I don’t understand why there has not been a revolution yet.
    Has nobody in Dail Eireann got the balls to stand up to these fuckers and vote against the gubmint.
    And, more to the point, why isn’t the fucking useless bitch up in the Phoenix Park doing something about it. She can dissolve the Dail I believe ? Or probably she only likes to be seen out at rugby internationals.

  7. Don’t forget either, Haughey’s wife is still picking up that slimy shit’s pension every week also. Bertie-the-Bollox is not only getting a very fat pension for being top dog, but he’s raking in a fat salary as well. Even Garrett Fitzgerald is cleaning up and I thought he was dead. But, he was on the radio this morning and now I’m not sure whether he’s alive or dead – it was that kind of interview.

  8. @#tt
    Republicans will not extend unemployment benefits for the long term unemployed..

    Not sure about the situation in the USA, but in the UK we have millions trapped in a benefits trap where it doesn’t pay the long term unemployed to look for work.  It can’t go on much longer so something has to give.

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