Looking after the elderly — 7 Comments

  1. I trust you uttered the immortal words before leaving the house, ‘I am going out; I may be sometime’.

  2. I’d check on you if I was sure to be offered a double measure  of the ‘essential supplies’ with a dash of soda.

  3. Ian – That’s what I always say anyway, though I don’t know how you know that?

    RhodesTer & Gerry – Yiz are both welcome to drop in.  I say ‘drop in’ because it’s unlikely you’ll get here by road.

    TT – The best of luck to them.  No babies here that I know of.

    Sirvivor – No fucking use to me if they are going in the wrong direction?

  4. Surely it’s the other way round – they’re the ones cut off from you.
    Along the lines of the old English newspaper headline:
    “Fog in the channel. Continent isolated.”

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