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  1. There is nothing like a good, healthy snow to make me more cranky and unbearable.  Miss Pat is a saint.  Someone, make this shit go away.  I would move to Mexico, but the hooligans would shoot my ass off.  Fuck it!  I’ll drink.

  2. So it’s your “modicum of common sense”  that tells you that the climatologists are wrong and that all the science that has led them to believe that climate change is real, catastrophically deadly and man made is “junk.”   Don’t know why they bother going to school and spend a lifetime studying it. The idiots should just ask you.

  3. Ranty – I saw your map.  Nice one!!  Why in the name of God should I be insulted?

    Willie – From what I hear, if you move to Mexico, doesn’t that mean it’s then compulsory for you to become an illegal  domestic in California?

    TT – If it were based on real science and not half baked “statistics” gathered from the rings of a tree somewhere [mixed with temperatures recorded in the heart of major cities] I would agree with you, but it isn’t so I don’t.

  4. You are spot on GD – I remember a couple of years ago seeing an interview with Patrick Moore (the “Sky at Night” chap) full title – Sir Patrick Alfred Caldwell-Moore, CBE, HonFRS, FRAS – and during the interview he said all this rubbish about climate change etc. is exactly that. Rubbish. Of course the world is changing. If it wasn’t there would have been no ice age or, a change in climate as the world evolves.

    Nice pic by the way.

  5. Climate change will exist as long as academics can obtain funding from taxpayers. It’s hilarious how it went from global warming to climate change.
    All I know is that right now I have stalagtites forming on my ball sac, that’s enough evidence for me to prove the earth isn’t warming.

  6. GD..It’s so bad in California, land of the fruits and nuts, that even the previous rich are either doing their own windows or just leaving them grimy.  Besides, the rush seems to be across the border, going south.  One can hope that the aim of the banditos is not too accurate.  So, my finding employment as a maid is rather unlikely.  I think I’ll stay where I am and drink.  (Why are all the so-called Irish beers that I can buy here are brewed?) (The only decent beers here are brewed in Mexico-Go figure.)

  7. Little Boots, don’t you mean stalactites ? Clearly your grasp of science exceeds that of the scientists.

  8. tt, my brain is too frozen to distinguish the difference between stalactites and stalagmites. The only solution is to burn more fossil fuels. It’s either that or witness my head breaking off from the rest of my body into the Atlantic where it will sink a cruise ship.

  9. I’ve a nice little Catalan woman just the right side of plump. Vast er… tracts of land. See you in the Spring!

  10. It seems that this recent bout of climate change is causing all sorts of bipolar conditions here in the US. The North of the US is experiencing warming over the years and yet the South of the US is going to the colder than the last 30 years have seen.  Oh…  we were talking about “change” weren’t we.

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