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  1. You need a home grown ROIIP grandad.  Don’t understand why you don’t have one already.  Even Sinn Féin don’t support leaving the EU.
    UKIP support in the UK is only around 4% but it is increasing now that Nigel Farage is back at the helm and the EU becomes more intrusive post Lisbon.  Farage, Dan Hannan,  Douglas Carswell, Roger Helmer (all tory EUsceptics) are making headway, albeit very slowly.  I’m hoping the whole shooting match comes unravelled pretty soon anyway.

  2. This I don’t get. He’s a member of the European Parliament but he is against the European Union.
    Can you explain ?

  3. @tt.  Nigel Farage was elected to represent the people of the UK  in the European Parliament (as were others, some are pro EU but all UKIP  MEP’s are against it), without him and his like the anti EU voters of the UK would have no voice at all in Europe, he is our only chance of us withdrawing from this Communist nightmare.

  4. Sean – We had one briefly for the first Lisbon Treaty [Libertas].  Unfortunately a well orchestrated smear campaign saw them off.

    TT – It’s known as fighting the enemy from within.  A very effective tactic sometimes.

    Welcome FH.  Communist?  I would describe it more on the lines of a Capitalist Despotism?  Whatever it’s called, the people of Ireland have just been raped yet again.

  5. Thanks for the welcome Grandad, I feel for you all in Ireland at this time, we are all governed by thieves and rogues, I wrote elsewhere several weeks ago that the Irish (I’m a plastic paddy myself and father worked at a famous brewery in Park Royal for 25 years) were not the best people to get on the wrong side of, I think there may well be repercussions for the politicians and those in the EU who caused this mess for the people of Ireland, they have been fighting oppression for centuries and I don’t think they are about to lie down over this.  Good luck to you and all in Ireland, it brings tears to my eyes over what you are going through, I dare say however that we are not that far behind you in being ‘owned’ by the EU, we all need to do something soon.
    P.S. I’m in UK but I access the Internet via a proxy setting that’s why I’m coming up with a US identity.

  6. Man, we need someone like him over here to turn Congress (not the President, he already knows what’s wrong) right on their ear. I really empathize for you people over there. You must feel pretty helpless right now while your “fate” is being decided by those who never should have attained power in the first place. All good thoughts to you and yours.

  7. FH – I gathered from the context of your comment [and your email address] that you weren’t quite as far afield as the flag implied.  I am baffled by my countrymen, to be honest.  Having fought for hundreds of years to gain self determination, and then to roll over meekly and let Brussels walk all over us?  It doesn’t make sense.  The only reason I can come up with is that we have had so many years of corrupt and useless government that we have just thrown in the towel.  A sort of Stockholm Syndrome?

    Kirk M – I am still trying to come to grips with the idea that all our national savings and nest eggs [the National Pension Fund, for fuck’s sake] has been squandered to appease Brussels and to pay off fucking gambling debts.  And still, not one person has been prosecuted.  This has gone so far beyond corruption and incompetence.  At this stage, it’s just surreal.

  8. Grandad
    I haven’t been over to Ireland for a few years so haven’t been able to judge for myself what the people really think about the EU, ie whether it is still thought to be of benefit overall.  Sure we get BBC and Channel4 interviewing people on the streets of Dublin, but given the bias in favour of the EU by the media I take that as pure propaganda.   So, what is the conversation in your local pub?   Are they still 100% blaming the bankers and government, or are the Eurocrats now getting some criticism as well?  What do you think would be the result of an EU in/out referendum if held now?

  9. Where are the likes of Michael Collins when you need them, I get pleasure from just speculating as to what his comments to the EU bail-out wankers would have been!

  10. Thanks for posting this GD… I came across it myself a few days ago and it was seriously impressed

    That we have come to this – an Englishman batting for Ireland … fair play to him, that’s all I say.  Not one of the craven gobshites that represent us (and where is Joe Higgins now?) could come up with rhetoric remotely approximating the power and eloquence of Mr. Farage’s.  No doubt he’s doing it for his own ends, but who cares …. (By the way, I don’t mean anything perjorative by using the word ‘Englishman’ in this context)

    @FH … I agree with GD.  I don’t think we have anything left in us … as someone said (in jest) – we may decide to get angry as soon as X Factor finishes, and that comment is closer to the truth than we care to admit. 

  11. FH – Collins and the other boys are no longer in their graves.  They spun so hard they went into orbit.

    Tony – That man is seriously impressive.  What’s perjorative about Englishman?

  12. Nigel Farage wouldn’t last pissing time in Irish politics because he couldn’t stop himself from displaying sincerity/idealism and, consequently, he would be ‘George Leed’ immediately no matter which party he hooked up with.
    Good site Grandad.

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