How to cheer the country up — 10 Comments

  1. And here was me thinking the slot should have been sold for advertising space. I prefer your idea!

  2. It’s dark, cold and windy at the moment.  Just think how much brighter it would seem if we had the anticipation of a film of Bertie’s lynching?

  3. Here’s my offer.  I will send you a team of experts from The States.  Free
    1.  Barry O’Bama–there’s a fine  Irish lad with a good, ole name
    2. Joseph Matthew John Peter Paul Biden.  Need I say more?
    3. Hillary Rod-em Clinton, a fine Irish lass with a wee bit of a biting tongue.
    4. George MacBush, son of a true hero, George Herbert Wallace MacBush (how that Scot slip in here?)
    5. Richard (aka DICK) Cheney. ( He will really fuck up everything)
    6. And finally, the hordes known as The Tea Party.   Their motto is “Screw everyone except our own.”
                                          Good luck. 

  4. How about a clip showing the Irish people getting up off their beer soaked arses,  storming  the Dail and turfing out the lovely boys and girls currently combing each others hair and giving each other pretty brown envelopes full of yummy bank notes. Eh,  this is the right place for fantasy comments, isn’t it  ?

  5. Sorry Grandad all links today but this [Ireland 2007] is worth a read.

    The Minister for Finance, Brian Cowen, TD, in presenting the Government’s pre-Budget 2007 spending plans said that: “we have an economy that is working and a country that is at work. From being one of the developed world’s worst economies twenty years ago, we now have a model of excellence and a performance which is the envy of much of the developed world.
    Over the course of the past decade, the combination of this Government’s sound policies and the hard work of Irish people has transformed our country. We have enjoyed a quantum leap in terms of our performance and over the last decade we have achieved:


  6. How about CCTV footage of Harney being refused admission for an emergency operation because there are no available beds?
    Because there are no available beds BIG enough for her.

  7. At this stage I would be quite happy to settle for one film – Cowen being slowly shot, again and again and again………..

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