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  1. Strange as it may seem the first idea of the EU was dreamt up by the Nazi’s.
    In 1943 saw the first conference of the EEC lead by Joachim von Ribbontrop, where thirteen nations, not including Britain attended. Following this the more enlightened Nazi high command held a meeting the following year with companies such as IG Farban, where they commissioned the European Union to carry forward German ambitions. Then in 1946, for political purposes, the EU was switched from a Nazi to a Communist basis.

  2. Just be thankful it isn’t Flemish.
    All that fuss over escaping British rule and here you are, 90 years later, a vassal state of the European fucking Union. You will lose responsibility for all economic and political decisions. They will hump you whenever they see fit. They will enslave you all. You will become their bitch. Such a tragic end. Oh woe!
    Are you not in despair? I would be devastated.
    I offer my deep and sincere condolences.

  3. TT – You have stopped taking your tablets again, haven’t you?

    Peacock – I am indeed aware of the origins of the EEC.  It’s not the only dirty little trick dreamt up by the Nazis to haunt us to this day.  Strange that Germany is still the driving force?  Draw your own conclusions.

    Ranty – The blokes who fought for our independence must be rolling in their graves.  The irony is that the party that has gotten us into this mess are the same ones who love their commemorations  for the dead of 1916.  A shower of fucking hypocrites.

  4. Grandad,
    My comment comes over a bit sanctifuckingmonious. I should have added that we are about 15 minutes behind you. We are all bollixed. But Ireland still has the power to unbollix us.
    Whaddya say? Eh? Pull out. Yer a nation of catholics FFS, you’re used to pulling out!
    We’ll look after you. Kill the smoker ban and I’ll start coming over again. Let’s get it all out of the way. Come on, come on, come on!

  5. Ah no, not at all. If the nice Englanders lend us a few bob sure all we’ll have to do is put a couple of marbles in our mouths and spake posh. Like.
    Pretend we’re all from Foxrock.
    Or Montenotte.

  6. The EU was not an idea of the Nazis.  Yes, they wan’t to control Europe, but as a facist dictatorship.

    Was it not Churchill who dreamt of a federal Europe?  I’ll find the reference if you really want it.

    Personally, I don’t see the problem in taking the money.  At least the ECB/IMF will take a look at the books of the banks and of the government, and following that start calling for heads to roll.  Leave any Irish political party to do the same, and absolutely nothing will happen.

    All the griping about Ireland losing soverignity – what sovernignity have we ever had?  Kevin Myres in the today’s Indo had it spot on – and he is someone who I rarely agree with.

  7. AM – Are you suggesting that the EU is going to lend money with no strings attached?  If they are not going to insist on changes to our financial policy then why bother coming over?  Once the EU has any say in how we run things then that is a diminution of our sovereign rights.

    The scumbag pond life that govern our country at the moment may not have a clue, but at least they are our pond life elected [though I am still baffled by that] by us.

    Incidentally, Myers is right.  We have been signing away our sovereignty over the years to the EU.  That is one of the many reasons I am opposed to it.  The way things are going, we are rapidly becoming a wee state within the United States of Europe.  And that is the ultimate goal, is it not?


  8. John F. Kennedy said: Ich bin ein Berliner.  If you pronounce Berliner in a certain way the sentence actually means: I am a donut. Get your guttural tones right or you’ll have a hole in your gob.
    BTW You probably know that meerschaum, as in pipe, literally means ‘sea foam’ auf Deutsch. Put that in yer pipe and smoke it.

  9. @AM in Brussels.  I’m with Captain Peacock on this one, there was indeed meetings around 1944 with German Industrialists and high ranking German officers (behind Hitlers back I understand) where plans were made for the German aim of creating a ‘one nation’  Europe was to continue in secret via an industrialised/financial base after the defeat of Germany, something that was by that time, a forgone conclusion.

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