Dustin for Taoiseach — 11 Comments

  1. The Irish should gather a raiding party and head north to Iceland to capture their government. Similar sized population to Ireland with very similar problems but with a government that is sorting the banker/speculator mess out.
    Of course they are not members of the EU which is a big bonus so perhaps importing the Icelanders will take Ireland out of the EU as well. A win, win?

  2. Definitely need a new gubmint,but I’m not too sure that the current opposition are any use either. Just look at the labour candidate for galway, a fucking trainee solicitor,just the type we don’t need,why if its the LABOUR party did they not choose a plumber / electrician/shop worker, for example. In my mind solicitors are good for only one thing and its not looking after other peoples interests.That being said, i think we have gone beyond saving and from here on in its only going to get worse,fuck fianna fail,we weren’t even a republic for 100 years and the bastards have sold all our futures for a hand full of beans. The IMF are already running the kip while cowen and his band of thieves and traitors continue to try to spin their lies through their propaganda machines rte and the indo paper group. How do you know when a politician  is lying?when his fucking lips are moving. This current bunch should have been arrested 2 years ago before the wheels really came off.

  3. When I say anyone will do, I mean just that.  I have no great love for Enda Kenny [or any of the others for that matter] but he is infinitely better than that fucker Biffo.  It doesn’t matter that he has no policies worth a damn .  What is most important is that he is not one of the crooks who got us into this mess.
    Iceland did it right.  They looked after themselves first and let the rest whistle.  Did the earth open and swallow them up?  Nah!  They are back to business as usual now.  Smart bastards!

  4. We have quite a few extra jackasses, Obama, Pelosi, Reed, Rangle. As soon as we can round them up I’d gladly ship the whole lot to you.
    I just realized it won’t work. You don’t let diseased animals into the country and this bunch never had their shots.

  5. Good old Jim C. At least he wants to send you the guys who are trying to get us out of this mess and not the absolute cunts who got us into it.

  6. And that is the problem here. We are still stuck with the same fuckers who got us into the mess in the first place.

  7. Even after all the fuckups, there is still a statistically significant portion of the Irish population who will still vote for FF. Not enough to keep FF in power next time around but still mindboggling.

  8. I visited Ireland many years ago when the Celtic Tiger was roaring at its best …  Dustin might be a good bet in the present climate … Man, I feel sorry for the UK economy – it’s buggered my pension no end – but I’d be near suicide on the green side… should have gone into politics, perhaps … nah – too honest

  9. Your precious leaders are no longer content with messing up your country – they’re now hell bent on the rest of Europe!!!!!!!!! Dustin for Toiseach

  10. Bill “Iceland sorting their problems out ”
    I don’t think applying to join a corrupt organisation like the EU is sorting their problems out.

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