Grandfather’s clock — 9 Comments

  1. “I have misunderestimated your ability as a writer.” —   George W. Bush 

    What happened to the unpainted spot behind the clock?–Willie

  2. Your like me gdad,a fiddler and fixer of all sorts,well done on the clock but even if  your repairs were ineffective at least the old boy would be have been right twice a day. Now i have an old broken iron,would you be interested in doing a nixer?

  3. The second hand glides because it’s motor driven.
    Or it’s a Rolex.
    Funny how times change though. Speaking of old Grandfather clocks I imagined something from 1700. Then you slipped in it being electric. My first reaction was “No way” but then I remembered we had one in the ’50s. Which was old when my old dad nicked it from work. It has to be 80 years old. Probably still going. It was 7 years ago when his clock stopped for good.

  4. Good job on the clock.  I love old clocks.  I have a few.  I hope you used a light sewing-machine oil and not 10W-40 or some such.  A lighter oil will be less likely to, “viscify”, and will last longer.

  5. Willie – The dirty patch is now artfully disguised as a clock again.

    Frank – I am very sorry to tell you that once an iron is broken, it’s broken.  It’s a pity, as it can ruin an otherwise good set of golf clubs.

    TT – Nearly all modern clocks are quartz yokes, and to a man, they all jerk their way around the clock face.  My one has a little induction motor [one moving part!!] so it glides quietly and smoothly.  As for imagining 1700, you were very close.  It stopped at 1645.

    Brianf – Is sewing machine oil anything like sump oil?  Surely they are all the same thing?

    Ian – Please leave Herself out of this.

  6. Ah, you touched on a obsession of mine (and my wife’s)–clocks.  We have 27 in house actually. Everything from the wind up type including a real grandfather, a Black Forest Cuckoo and an old Regulator wall clock to digital clocks of various ages, quartz clocks of all types including one that chirps like a bird every hour … a different bird every hour … at somewhere around 90db, one that spouts out snippets from the Three Stooges every hour (in competition with the chirping clock) and one of my favorites–a Wallace and Grommit clock. I keep fixing them and they keep working.
    Yup, 27 clocks in the house and still, we’re always late.

  7. a Black Forest Cuckoo
    I always thought that was a gateau!
    Well done. A DIY grandad – I need one of those.

  8. Kirk M – Our Doc in the village has a cuckoo clock in his waiting room.  On the hour, the cuckoo pops out and clucks like a chicken.  He is a weird man, our Doc.

    Mossy – Yiz can fuck off.  I’m not for sale.

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