The wisdom of the owl — 13 Comments

  1. Hey Belfast Taxi Driver is Harland and Wolff’s social club still there up in Strandtown. They made me a life member there back in ’78. 

  2. BTD – Not a problem for me.  A problem maybe for those who phone me in the ‘morning and get their ball chawed off.

    TT – What the hell did you do to deserve that?’

  3. Getting Whiskey sodden RUC home to their abodes at dawn after drinking all night in there and Shorts. Them still in their uniforms with Walther P4s on their hips and boots scraping along the Newtonards Road . A foolhardy thing to do in those days. Ahh, but I was young and invincible.

  4. I have resisting commenting, but here goes.
    I, as opposed to G’Dad, go to bed around 10PM and get up around 5AM.  So who is more screwed up?
    Survey says…………………………………………………

    (Fast food joints refuse to open at 5:30AM unless  one lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, which means that one would die a certain death.)

  5. An article I read this week said that people with high IQ’s are more active at night whereas those with lower IQ’s usually retire to bed sooner. So even if you do have some problems you’re probably smart enough to solve them. I pity the poor fool who gets up with the birds. He’s screwed.

  6. It’s not you – or me – it’s them. Life would be simpler if they would stop disrupting our rhythms. However, it’s lovely doing things out of sync with everyone else- but you need to see them rushing around to enjoy sitting watching them.

  7. TT- its still there just up from the cop shop on  Dundela ave.
    I pick upthere fairly regularly, its a very big place now dont know what it was like in 78 as i was only 2!

  8. NEWS FLASH!  The winner of the 3 minute short story NPR competition gets up every morning at 4AM to write.      Chew on that!

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