The Field is my field — 6 Comments

  1. Up and at ’em Grandad. That’s the kind of fightin’ talk we were once proud of.
    The landlords are long gone – but not forgotten!!!!

  2. Hi Grandad,
    Here in the UK we have council tax, which sounds a bit like the way they are proposing to extort money from your good self.  Not sure whether this “property tax” is to  pay for local “gubmint” services or is in addition.  Either way it looks as if  TPTB are heading in the same direction.
    I have read the “The Field” and saw the film. Loved it.  Have also supped in the pub in Lenane and soaked up the atosphere/Guinness.  Loved that too.

  3. Well said Grandad,I for one will stand four square behind you on this one,I’ve had enough from these thieving traitorous fucks,and I don’t say the traitor bit lightly. As far I m concerned they can fuck right off. I heard a Germanic ersi professor earlier on the radio  effectively saying  that people had no legal or moral right to live where they want do if they cant pay a property tax, I think this shit is really going to kick off if they persist on this crazy path to ruination.

  4. I just tried to post a rant here but apparently I’m part of a spam network.
    Anyway I fucking hate property tax. and people will accept it here because “every other country has it” which isn’t even true, but still having it here will make them feel more modern and with the times. Typical government playing on Ireland’s collective inferiority complex

  5. The government can point to other countries that have it. I still don’t see a justification for extorting money out of people for their own property. I wonder what one they’ll use besides “we’re in the shit lads and no don’t ask who put us there!”

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