Rememberence Day? — 12 Comments

  1. So cigarettes have turned into killers now, have they?  It seems like only yesterday they were claiming that the same number died from smoking related diseases.   Are they now putting “smoking” on the death certificate?

  2. Barroso said the EU would bail Ireland out, if it needs a bail out, but does anyone in Ireland believe him?

  3. I hate to expose that I am totally stupid, but what the hell is a television license?   Over here, I should be paid to watch most of the shit that comes over the boob tube.  Just PBS and NPR have anything decent, and the TEA* Partiers want to cut them.   Fuck.   How can I ever watch BBC** again?

    The spell-check with this comment thing does work.  I am impressed.

    *totally egnorarnt assholes

    **what ever happened to “Ballykissangel”?

  4. Bill – Of course the EU will bail us out.  They have to protect the Euro after all, but the price will be very high for the Irish.  We are absolute bottom of the heap of priorities.

    Willie – We have to have a licence if we have a television.  It costs over $200 which is why I always remember to forget about it.  Ballykissangel spluttered to an untimely end.  I think they ran out of plots.

    TT – Meh!  More figures plucked out of thin air.

  5. I hear that smokers are now more likely to fiddle with themselves on aircraft after taking Nurofen..

  6. Is the licence $200/yr?    It’s actually about that much here when you look at all the “fees” they have on the statement.   Just one of the reasons I don’t have one any more.  
    Not to worry no one is allowed to fail any more.  Neither bank, nor illegal, nor scumbag, nor airline, nor corporation, nor ….

  7. Who’s going to bail out the biggies when there aren’t any more biggies bigger than  the biggies that are failing?
    Does that make sense?

  8. Bard – Are you suggesting that Neurofen is the new Viagra?  Shit!  Funny I haven’t seen a mention in all those daft emails I get….

    Brighid – Yup.  A lot of cash for a lot of crap.  Whatever my own attitude, I do urge everyone else to pay it though.  Poor Sharon has to be paid, after all…..

    Willie – Stoppit.  You’re making me dizzy.

  9. G’Dad….Speaking of being dizzy.  I listened to some guy explain this whole money mess.  That made me dizzy.

    Brighid…How’s come the Feds get upset when I print out money on my printer?  Where does “Pursuit of Happiness” come in?

    I am so confused.

    PS    G’Dad…I’m working on that haiku answer.

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