One of Those Weeks — 13 Comments

  1. G’dad…I am delighted to read that you are back to your pleasant, cheerful, and easy-going self.

  2. “so I sat with my laptop, and do you think any words would come?  Not a fucking chance
    Here’s a word back to haunt ya Granddad – “Boggles” – Get that into your opening sentence and you’ll be flying in no time.
    Will I get an acknowledgment in the book?

  3. Hopefully, g’dad, you won’t finish the second book too soon.  I have yet to read the first one.  Further, I am a slow reader as the words get fuzzy after two beers.  So, take your time.

  4. Boggles me arse.  No chance.

    Willie – I think there is little fear of that unless it takes you several years to read a book?

  5. The fucking US Mail may take a year to deliver it.  Coming all the way from the East Coast  by Pony Express and depending it doesn’t arrive in torn, little pieces, I should be able to finish HR in about two years or so.  Do I sense a challenge coming on?
    One piece of good (maybe bad) news is that you, G’dad, have encouraged me to give new life to my almost dead blog.  Thanks, I think.

  6. A challenge wouldn’t be fair.  I can’t write ’em as fast as you can read ’em.  Unless you are a total “cat sat on the mat” beginner?

    That is good news.  Takes some of the pressure off me.  Some year you must explain to me exactly why Haikus have to be that way.

  7. G’Dad ..Damn,  if I couldn’t sleep last night as I pondered, am still pondering, an answer to your request about haiku.  I am reminded of some guy that, when I asked him what time is was, he explained for hours about how to build a watch.   So, I may need that “some year”.

    I am, with ” baited”  breath, awaiting HR in the mails.  When it arrives via USPS, god help us, I will pull out my “Cat-in-the-Hat’ degree and tear into it.  Next time you tip one, please  remember a quick toast to me that Her Highness delays another “Let’s move the furniture” venture.  Thanks.

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