Leaving no turn unstoned — 8 Comments

  1. You can’t make pot legal!!  Think of all the cops you would put out of work not to mention all the prison guards who wouldn’t have anyone to oversee.
    Geez, you can’t make pot legal, it’s iilegal.

  2. Thing that gets me is folks talking about making something legal as if illegal is the natural state.  Should never have been made illegal in the first.

  3. Not only should it be legalised and promoted it should be put in the water supply. And Ireland could finally put the miserable, emotionally stunted, narrow minded, rain fed cross-eyed peasants who keep ruining the country with their buck-toothed fear of anything not blessed by a priest or reinforced with a big stick out to grass. Literally.

    We need another Famine. A targetted one this time.

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