A boggling bet — 14 Comments

  1. Just want to point out you have used the word Boggles a few times in this post surely that counts or did it have to be in context?

  2. This whole post so overwhelmed and bewildered that it gave me a sudden start.

    I may have to go have a lie down.

  3. TT – A distant relation.  A sort of Biggles without the goggles.

    Belfast – I suppose I did once or twice.  I’ll check with my solicitor…..

    Doc – It is pretty mind boggling all right.  Not fit for those of us of an elder disposition?

  4. Oxford Dictionary….”Boggle”  To be mentally fucked up…”Boggling”  To be in the process of being mentally fucked up.     pt..”Boggled”  To be mentally fucked up for sometime.

    Hits too close to home.

  5. Brian Lenihan looks pretty boggled everytime he opens his mouth. And the DJ story, fair play he didn’t deny it – could have said it was a load of bollox! I know, i know!

  6. Willie – Are you hinting I should change the name of this site to Head Boggles?  It does have a sort of ring to it, I suppose?

    Mick – The difference between Lenihan and the DJ?  No difference.  Both are ……..  oh never mind!

    Bill – Hold on there!!!  I never voted for that fucking treaty as you will find if you read back.  Some of us here have some sense.

  7. Grandad never suggested you personally did but it still amazes me how easily the pisshead managed to change so many peoples minds. Is or rather was the Irish economy so reliant on the EU tit?
    Over here we get no say at all on anything. The spivs the morons elected are raping my country and doing exactly the same as the pisshead handing it all over to barroso and rumpy.

  8. Your lady-friend presented you with a conumdrum all right.

    You’ve got so many topics and yet so few opportunities to use that useless word.

    Honestly, the mind boggles !!!

  9. GD….no hinting intended…  If you change the blog’s name, then I would have to change my favorite list in my computer.  That could prove to be boggling.

  10. Your three readers who cleverly put  ‘mind’ and ‘boggles’  together should have read your post more thoroughly.

  11. My flabber is gasted by this whole idea.
    And I had a poached egg for breakfast and I don’t like this grey, damp fucking Irish weather.
    I’ve only been home 36 hours and I’m depressed already.

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