Opening my arse — 13 Comments

  1. I was nodding in agreement the whole way through that post. Head Rambles for Irish Dictator I say.

  2. I must admit I was worried when I read the title of the post. No offence intended, but your derriere is really not that high in the list of things I’d like to see, put it that way.

    As for the post, it sounds like an act from a government that’s desperate to stay in power and that knows deep down, its time is up.

  3. How does one go about voting for a dictator?

    Reaper – I could have put a comma after Opening, but that would lessen the impact?  Heh!  Not a Goatse fan then?

  4. it might be appropriate for our Ministers to open up their “new local abbatoir or sewage farm” given that you could expect them to talk bullshit at the opening

  5. Zat is enough of zat. Your name is down on ze list at Headqvarters. Frau Reichsminister fur Genetische Kleansingen is doing a VONderful chob.
    Ein Partei! Ein Volk! Ein Reich! (Ze Republicunt Partei).


  6. I’ll send you a bottle of aqua regia, grandad. Just don’t shake it until the fat lady sings.

  7. Chemist – That’ll do just fine.  Or I would be just as happy with a pint or two of nitro-glycerine if you have any lying around?

  8. I wish you’d put a warning on the link as not safe for viewing due to the disturbing nature of the photo in the article. Jeez I’d hate to meet that on a dark night in a back alley. Do all your politicos look so frightening?

  9. Nightlurker – She is pretty terrifying all right.  Most of the others just look thick [which they are] but she is the real nightmare.  The only obese Minister for Health in the world?

  10. Please, please, show some respect for Her Obesity!
    This sexism must stop – because she looks like a pig with lips is not her fault, it is a genetic problem. Just look around you; the percentage of hideuosly obese people, of all genders (several of same in the new Ireland) here is monsterously high. 
    Obesity seems to be a requirement for Bean Gardai (along with dwarfism.

    When you find the source for nitric acid please post it here. I want to buy a barrel of it for my visit to the dail. 

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