A toast to Herself — 12 Comments

  1. Christ Grandad, that sounds awful. I was raised in cotton wool and it was all handed to me. The hardest part was the lisp caused by the fucking silver spoon. By the way, is a toaster the name given to servant who brings the said toast. I never knew that before.

  2. You give her toast?  She’s a spoiled one I tell ya’.  Next you’ll be telling me that she sleeps in the house. 
    BTW, I got a shipment of experimental Anti-Politician Landmines.  I thought you might like to try a few.  You can place your order through the Swedes as usual.

  3. Whoa there Betsy !  A toaster? Surely to God you dont mean an electric toaster?  The other 364 days of the year you spoil her by letting her have an electric toaster?  It’s guys like you who spoil it for the rest of us. They’ll all want one now.

  4. Grandad  take heart that however hard the days gone by were I would not like to be starting out today facing 60 years in the mad world that we have created.

  5. I’m not sure which I enjoy more… Grandad’s ramblings or the comments on them.

  6. Do you think I was being a bit over generous?  Maybe I was, just a bit.  And no – I didn’t share my ale.  It’s not her birthday for ages yet.

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