Halloween is a speed bump — 11 Comments

  1. “Then the fucking American thing took over and it became Trick or Treat.”
    Well, shove it GD, we have to put up with your fucking Saint Paddy’s Day every fucking year ad fucking nauseum. 

  2. YEAH!  What he said! 
    Halloween is as much of a pain in the neck here as it is there.  WE also have to put up with green beer and fake red beards and drunks running around yelling ‘Kiss me I’m Irish’ by ten am every March 17th.
    So fair is fair.  You put up with Halloween and we’ll put up with St. Paddy’s Day.

  3. Sure but didn’t the Americans commercialize everything, and weren’t the Irish the ones who took all these holidays over to America, I mean the millions of Irish people who went off to America, taking St. Patrick’s day, Halloween and every other Irish tradition with them, just think if it wasn’t for the Irish the Americans would be more ignorant than they are already.  Just look at some of the comments that come out of their beauty contestants who don’t even have a clue that life exists outside of America.  I say we send all the commercialization back to to them and let them keep it, every St. Patrick’s day, Halloween and Christmas decoration, let us celebrate the way it should be celebrated with good friends and family and not spending money on cr@p!

  4. Actually wait, it’s the Chinese that started making all that Cr@p so lets send it back to China.

  5. The Christmas ads have been out a while, they just lose whatever veneer of subtlety they had once Halloween is done with.
    I’m looking forward to banger season being done with.

  6. Just wear a dog-collar when you answer the door and start rubbing your hands and leering. The Mammy in charge will have them off up the road before the child has the word ‘Trick’ out of their mouths.
    Works well.

  7. Its the start of the year is Samhain, Groandad, in old money. Out of the dark and towards the light and all that.
    I had a look at some of the American websites and its great crack how they are doing their usual thing of making up bollocks about their Hallow’een.
    Wiccans me arse. I have seen one site describe how the ‘original’ ceremonies included pomegranate seeds. Aye. Fierce large pomegranate plantations there were in Ireland in the good old day … Pookas sitting up in the branches jabbering away like monkeys I suppose.
    I’m calling back De Valera tonight from the otherworld. So I can batter him back there with a hurley.
    Happy new year.

  8. Little bastards just knocked on my door. These kids are new to the neighborhood. Didn’t know any better. They won’t be back next year.

  9. If we all just banded together and stopped buying all this shit, maybe the loony crap would go away.  I can hear the singing now…..”Hands across the Ocean”.    And if you remember that, you are older than  me….or is it “I”?

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