I have seen hell — 9 Comments

  1. Oh come on HR, surely you were rooting for Mary Byrne? It’s getting to the only decent singer that does yer head in. Thank fuck for Merlin on the Beeb.

  2. Why the fuck should I be rooting for anyone?  The ones I saw [including Mary Byrne who I had never heard of up to last night] were outstanding for being average.  I would get more excitement watching cattle being auctioned in the local livestock auctions.

  3. Have you seen the Britcom “Benidorm?” (No idea how long it’s been out over there before we get it.) It’s the best thing since “Shameless.”

  4. Grandad there’s a set of strange colouredy little boxes after appearing just below your latest minimus opus. Are they for voting for various human tragedies on reality shows or are they symbols of the nations of the world you hate most?
    I can give them a slap of the universal adjuster if you wish.

  5. TT – I saw that when it first came out.  The first series was OK but it went a bit downhill after that.

    Filthy – The television is in our kitchen.  Next week it’s the pub for me.

    Cap’n – I haven’t a clue what they’re for.  I just thought they added a nice splash of colour.

  6. Oh you poor soul.  I hope you can find a doctor that can help rid you of these memories.  Here we have American Idol.  It’s the same damn programme.  I hope you can find some help and for Gods sake don’t watch it again!

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