Doing nothing takes time — 9 Comments

  1. Its brilliant, isn’t it Grandad ?

    Since I retired (7 years ago, come the end of this month) .. I often wonder where I ever found the time to actually go to work ..

    And being able to please myself & only myself is just an added bonus .. I got bored with the “doris” in my life back in May & gave her the Spanish Archer (El Bow) .. 🙂

  2. “It IS somewhat of a pain having to explain it to my employer though” …

    Employer ? … Soap, Water, Mouth, Wash, Now … 😉

  3. Haddock – I have heard of people taking up new hobbies and getting rid of old habits, but dumping the Missus is a tad harsh isn’t it?

    Maybe not.  There’s a thought………..

    Doc – 🙂

  4. Yeah but if you’ve retired you dont get annual leave or bank holidays. How do you ever get away from it all?
    BTW that dogshit analogy made me laugh out loud.
    I am really looking forward to having nothing to do. I’m gonna learn to play the drums and ride a horse. Trouble is, by the time I can afford to retire, my arthritic hands wont be able to hold a drumstick and no Jane Austen style heroine will be interested in me. Lifes a bitch.

  5. Stoppit. My ribs hurt. And I can actually smell the turds. It doesn’t go well with the Guinness.

  6. Ahh, no .. that wasn’t the Missus Grandad, we split up years ago … that was just the latest “doris” .. 😉

    You’re quite right Bucko .. there’s no Annual Leave or Bank Holidays .. but when you’re retired, who needs ’em ?

    Gotta agree about the Golf though .. never did see the point in it myself ..

    I’m concentrating hard on growing old(er) as disgracefully as possible .. 🙂

  7. Ahhhh!  I have heard of “Doris”.  I believe she is quite lifelike, and you can even get an auto-inflate model?

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