Facebook is relative — 5 Comments

  1. Hang on a minute. What’s this “Follow me on twatter” logo you have on this very page. What the fuck is that all about ?

    As for buying and selling people we used to do a lot of that around here. Don’t need to now that we have all that dirt cheap child labor out in the far east.

  2. Blackwatertown – That is a condition of my friendship.

    TT – That serves two functions.  One is to give two fingers to that fucking cutesy little blue bird of theirs.  I can’t remember what the other reason is.  Anyway, that has nothing to do with Facebook.

  3. Facebook has it’s uses, just as twitter and some of the other social networks.
    Tell herself that Facebooks has spells of not working or not working right, so just wait a bit and they will fix it or make it worse. Then they will fix it but not like it was. The ever changing Facebook.

  4. As the American actress and comedian “Betty White” said on her stint on Saturday Night Live, “I think ‘Facebook’ is a hugh waste of time!”  Kudos and remember, “keep it simple”.

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