It never rains but it pours — 3 Comments

  1. “….. and reminded myself to remind myself ……..

    I forgot.”
    This put a good giggle in me this morning. Mostly cuz it smacked me in my familiar zone.

  2. You know we all do things sometimes without being aware of why, and yet the thing we were not aware of turns out alright.  Grandad you don’t have a bad memory you just selectively pick and choose the most important knowing the other “things” will take care of themselves, brilliant!!!  And who said you aren’t the fox in the hen house?

  3. Welcome Marianne!  Glad I could cheer someone up of a Monday morning.  I wish someone would cheer me up.

    John – Now that you mention it, I do tend to remember things like where I put that last pack of baccy or when the pub opens.  It’s the trivial things in life I generally forget, like paying bills.

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