Pretentious wankers — 10 Comments

  1. The word “tranche” I noticed recently is appearing in all sorts of articles in all the the news papers.  In articles that have nothing to do with finance.
    Seriously, pick up one of todays papers and I bet that word will be used somewhere in it.
    Word of the year I reckon. Even though that word annoys me and I will forever associate it with NAMA.

  2. Robert – To use the word within context is pretentious wankerism.  To use it out of context, simply because it’s the mot de jour is piss-poor journalism and any journalist who uses it  should be fired immediately for failing to understand the basic tool of their trade.


    TT – There are quite a few.  The one that really riles me when it comes from our beloved politicians is “difficult decisions”.  We hear that one around ten times in any ministerial speech.

  3. Well a few years ago this country was “awash with money”, then as the recession came in we had a “sea change” of something or other.
    And a couple of weeks ago Brian Cowen was involved in a “confluence of events” which led to a drunken moronic radio interview.
    And RTE’s economics editor likes talking about thousands of millions instead of billions.

  4. Its the language of the clique Grandad. Irish politicans and journalists love giving the impression they know more than the voters and readers.
    In truth those who set themselves up as an authority on a subject always seek to use the language of that clique or the particular profession involved.
    Anyone who claims to know how economics in a chaotic system works is a liar- otherwise there’d be no such thing as booms and busts in economic cycles.
    For the same reason people involved in the computers/technology sector almost always speak in abbreviations of technical terms. It gives others the impression that they are so familiar with and know everything about the technology…
    Just the usual human ego attempting to promote itself via language.

  5. Caligula – Someone pointed out that the government is constantly having U-turns.  They also pointed out that four U-turns will bring us pack to where we started.  That actually makes sense!

    Cap’n – As one who dabbled in the computer business, I confess I never used those fucking acronyms.  They confused the hell out of me.  I just wish people would use language as it’s intended to be used.

  6. Most of the politicians are using the jargon of the day to hide their ignorance about how any of this economics stuff works.

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