Another low in Irish politics — 12 Comments

  1. With the sad sad state this country is now in is he not the perfect President.  Someone who is greedy and totally devoid of morals, sounds great to me.

  2. He also always seemed to be great mates with our own money-grubbing, self-serving, shit-heap on legs B’Liar ..

    The old adage that “Birds of a feather” .. etc has never been more true .. 🙁

  3. I watched it with the current Mrs Mallon, as dumbfounded as the rest of the country, but herself, with the razor wit spoke first saying, “Jesus, now Bertie’s coming out of the closet”.

  4. Bertie has eventually found a seat in a Cabinet, that he is qualified to hold. This money grabbing Whore would & probably has sold his soul for a few euro without even the slightest appearance of shame for the state he left the last Cabinet in.
    If you park your truck illegally and scratch a bit of paint you get arrested, if you destroy a whole countries future for decades to come you get to whore out & bring disrepute on the Office you once held.
    He really is a shameless cunt at a time when this country needs to project a positive image abroad, we have him and the current holder of the Office of An Taoiseach dragging the office & the country through the gutter in the full glare of the International media. Just waiting for Jay Leno’s take on cabinetgate.
    In the race to the bottom Cowen & Bertie are neck & neck.

  5. Oh Jayzus!  That WSJ article has him to perfection.  I have just been cheering myself up by reading the comments on the YoutTube page!  Well worth a visit.  🙂

  6. Brilliant. Good auld Bertie,  sure he’s only having a bit of a laugh, you know a joke, the craic! Sure you remember the craic don’t you?  For over 10 years. It was mighty, and we all had unlimited credit cards, can you imagine? UNLIMITED!!! Jesus and the private jets, and the helicopters and the festivals and sure wasn’t it great.

    Remember that joke… What’s the difference between Ireland and Iceland? –One letter and about 6-months! And they defaulted… 

  7. “Is there anything he won’t do to make money?”
    He even sold Irish citizenship to some  Saudi businessman?                                                                                          He also played his part in the cover up of the sexual abuse by the catholic church.
    But he could not have done it without the support of the morons who voted for him.
    A wicked evil excuse for a human being.

  8. Johnie – What I respect about Iceland is that the people got out into the streets  and showed their anger.  What’s wrong with the Irish?  Jayzus but the Dail should have been burnt to the ground by now.

    Welcome Peacock and The Rath!  Bertie seems to be obsessed with money, but then he learned at the feet of his master, CJ.  The only good that he has done recently is to probably damage the sales of that newspaper.  I live in hope, anyway.

  9. Exactly, what is wrong with the Irish?  

    How in god’s name is Cowen even able to address the public without being lynched? What are all these people on the dole actually doing with their time? Applying for jobs?
    No their sitting at home in the dark complaining and waiting for the ESB to turn the lights back on.
     Anyway we’re stuck with Cowen and co for the foreseeable. Sure who in their right mind would want to step up to the plate now with the Irish economy in a tailspin? General election my arse.

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