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  1. Hey Grandad
    Don’t give away too much of your financies on the blog or you might just trigger an investigation by the revenue.  They have ways of finding out who your domain is registered to.

  2. Great post, I have been thinking the same in the past few months. Fucking VAT, bastards. Converting your car to run on veg oil is a great idea and one that I’ve been looking into. They give you the option of buying oil from a producer here in the south–where the tax and VAT is included in the price. Or, they are trusting you to buy oil from Lidl and to pay the tax to the government yourself. cretins. I’m going to make my own beer and stout, they are going to get as little as possible from me.

  3. Sean – The tax man is welcome here at any time.  I will give him [or her] the traditional welcome for which I am so famous in the area.  In fact, I hope they call soon.  I have a new slash-hook I want to try out.

    Irate – Welcome!!  It’s not easy avoiding the tax m,an, but it can be done,  I have to wangle up a few more ideas yet….

  4. Not sure how it works in broke Ireland but here in the UK I run my imported Toyota Hilux on neat veg oil from Twatco and no problems. When the temp drops into single figures I simply mix 50-50 with diesel and still no problems, except I have to pay VAT on the FUEL TAX and the cost of the diesel.
    Thing is the Revenue thieves say I can use 3000 L per year without paying tax but how on earth could they prove I used 3001 litres?
    Another unenforceable rule that characterised the gorgon’s tenure.

  5. For fuck’s sake!  At this stage you must own eBay outright?  You’ve thrown enough cash at them….

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