Positive Ageing Week — 15 Comments

  1. “When I get to the head of the queue, I shall insist on paying with small change, which I shall count out as slowly as possible. It’s Positive Ageing Week so the queue can fucking wait” …

    Don’t forget about all the “money-off” vouchers either Grandad ..

    I’m with you on this one .. good innit ? .. 😉

  2. A way with words, grandad  ……………….. without a doubt – how true about the drug dealer – wish I’d thought of that one !

  3. TT – The Irish Taliban?  I like it.  I’ll take that as a compliment.

    Haddock – The money off vouchers are included.  I wait until I have paid [in small coins] and then produce the vouchers so the cashier has to pay me back.

    Cardi – Do you think so?  Must tell Herself.  She claims I just have a foul mouth.  Just shows she knows nothing.

  4. “Being old means you can watch your favourite film time and time again, because you can never remember how it ends. “ I truly look forward to this! I can’t watch a movie twice unless there is a hugeee gap between viewings.

  5. Love you! But are you a good example or a horrible warning? I too like the drug dealer quip and I make good use of mine.Much better not to have to be sneaky about it, not as thrilling tho.

  6. Welcome to the world of sanity, Kat!  That film thing is extremely handy.  I live in the wilds and the nearest library hasn’t the largest selection.  Doesn’t matter though as I just keep taking out the same books time and time again.  Some of them I may not even have read before….

    Holemaster –  missed that one.  But then I try to avoid anything to do with Tallaght.  Heh!

    Sandi – “Love you!”  Hush, woman!  You trying to ruin my marriage?  [Love you too, by the way, but let’s keep quiet about it?]   And what precisely do you mean about me being a terrible warning?  My love has just grown cold……..

  7. It reminds me of that one-size-fits-all political rallying call: “Friends – the past is behind us, the future is ahead.”

  8. Forgot to mention I was going to share you on Facebook, hope the folk check you out to read your words of wit and wisdom. Thank you

  9. Feel free to share me all you like.  *goes away muttering about people who think he’s a bag of boiled sweets*

  10. “OK, so once you get to my age you start to dismiss ideas of climbing Mount Everest, but who the fuck want to do that anyway? It’s overrated in my opinion.”
    THANK YOU!!!!
    I have  feck load of friends heading off to climb this mountain and that, all criticising me for not doing it myself and telling me I’m just lazy when I say I’d have more fun staring at goldfish than killing myself to get to the top of a very big rock! It’s nice to find someone else who isn’t shouting about the wonder of crawling through high and low temperatures  just so you can say, “well I climbed a mountain…”, when it’s really because you can’t be arsed getting a job!
    It’s bloody stupid!
    Rant over.
    For now.

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