National Grandparents Day — 9 Comments

  1. I only heard of this today. Segment on the news about grandparents saying they’re good child minders and the grandkids being appreciative.

  2. I’ve a flat tyre and no money to replace it!  Would you like a flat tyre as a gift?  It would make a lovely planter.

  3. TT – I might as well be….

    K8 – Thank you so much for that pathetic excuse!  You could have booked a taxi?

  4. You should’ve told me yesterday it was Grandparents day when I rang you!  I still couldn’t have visited you but I’d have forced the kids to say Happy Grandparents day…

    … oh, it’s all so Cat’s in the Cradle.

  5. Yeah but technically you’re not my grandad!

    Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of opportunity to guilt-trip my kids into buying you nifty stuff in the future, it’s on my calendar now, okaaay?

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