Ireland on the rocks — 8 Comments

  1. Never mind. I’m sure there’s a son or daughter of a Fianna Fail TD somewhere who will have all the solutions.

    Until they get into office which is when they realise they have all the expenses.

  2. What is it about failed Lawyers .. that they all seem to be attracted to politics ?

    Just off the top of my head, over here we’ve had B’Liar, Darling, Falconer .. and I’m sure that I could find many more, if I could be arsed to look ..

    Is it possibly because there’s little difference between twisting the truth as a Lawyer & doing so as a Politician ?

    Could it be that for most of the time both Lawyers & Politicians constantly spout utter bollocks (and get paid handsomely for doing so) ?

    Whatever the cause, it would appear that both Politics & the Legal profession seem to attract more than their fair share of chancers, liars, cheats & knob-heads …

  3. Marcus – How come he keeps insisting that the party is united, when the dogs in the street know it isn’t?  Is he really so blind, or does he just think we are all as fucking thick as him?

    Con – All politicians should be sterilised, and their offspring culled.  Just look at the Flynn/Lenihan Dynasties!!

    Bill n- He is a fucking pisshead.  What’s worse, he’s a fucking pisshead who can’t hold his drink.

    Haddock – Jayzus but it’s terribly depressing to look into their backgrounds.  Failed solicitors, social workers and teachers.  And they are running the country?!

  4. Well, they’re united in one respect: staying in power. They’re trying to work out whether the odds of them being in government rise or fall if they have a leadership heave. Cowen thinks he’s going to get to decide when he leaves. He might even be right if FF keep dithering.

  5. I love your blog! Being of Irish descent and having spent a time or two or three (see…even I can’t remember things at this age) in Ireland, it seems we all think about alike on governments and the like. Bunch of dipshits who figure out ways to tax the little guy while they run along on junkets and trips with their entourage. Lucky us…we have this eejit Obama and his crew feckin’ up our country and where are the people who pushed the button to elect him. Invisible they are. Nobody will admit it. Not me, not me. Well some assholes did. Millions of them and here we are with two more years of this crap. Ahh, but November is coming and at least we can put roadblocks in the juggernaughts path with opposition party lemmings to trip over as he makes his way to 2012 and out the door!

    Keep it coming and head on over to say hello!

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