More EU hypocrisy — 3 Comments

  1. My first comment was simply the word “Cunts”, however I got an error message saying my comment was too short and I should say something useful. HHmmm…
    Wanky cunts

  2. Why not get a bus or two of dedicated smokers from each member state to head on over to Brussels and Stasbourg and have a puff with the comrades?
    Going from Ireland and the shithole formerly known as Britain everyone could stock up on smokes after crossing the Channel. Pop into see Manuel and Herman. Chew the cud, have a fag, imbibe a little, even eat something really unhealthy like and EU commissioner, hop back on the bus and stock up on fags on the way out.
    We already have booze cruises so a city fag break isn’t too far of a stretch.

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