Time to end it all — 19 Comments

  1. Maybe having a dead body hanging from the guttering will keep the god botherers away.
    My “No religious groups” sign has no effect whatsoever.

  2. Either the moose (assuming it doesn’t attack the humans) ruins the picnic by the stench of it’s excrement, or else the guy on the horse is from DEFRA and fines them for having livestock.  It’s more realistic than the cover of the last JW pamphlet I read, though. People were sharing their garden with a lion in that one.

  3. They’ve been confidently predicting the end of the world since the 2nd century. They are bound to be right at some point which is why they keep doing it.

    Also- do we all have to be black? No particular problem with it other than I burn easily.

  4. Bucko – Good point!  I’ll find myself a nice clean-cut cadaver, dress it in a natty suit and hang it from the tree by the gate.  Maybe that would give them a very subtle hint?

    Richard – I would be a tad concerned about a moose wandering around my lawn?  It would do a lot of damage to the turf, and thing about the vet’s bills?  There is always the safety aspect too – WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN??

    Con – They ain’t exactly black and they ain’t exactly white.  That’s what I meant by politically correct.  Maybe in heaven we all interbreed like the clappers and end up looking like that?

    Mossy – All religions seem to be pretty much the same – all fucking doom and gloom.  The only ones who seem to have it right are the Buddhists, and that’s a philosophy more than a religion.

  5. I haven’t had a god-botherer visit me in ages.
    Maybe it’s because I really do enjoy inviting them in and talking to them about the Bibble. It bothers them when someone points out inconsistencies…
    True story: my local JWs have stopped talking to me because their elders have told them I am not to be talked to.

  6. I remember the little catechism they gave us in school in Ireland. Jaysus was clearly white in the pictures in it and he had long blond hair.
    I took it to mean Jaysus was a Danish backpacker.

  7. Kae – My father used to do that too.  I remember one time he cornered a pair in our front room who barely managed to escape before he converted them to his version of religion!!

    Haddock – Did Ladybird books have mooses [moose? mice?  meece?] on the cover?

    Cap’n – You mean that awful green yoke?  The one where we had to learn all the fucking questions off by rote for the confirmation?  I used to have nightmares about that book.

    Bill – Classic!!  Once you mentioned it, I had a look, and you’re right!!  [Maybe that’s hell???]

  8. No- looks like the world is about to be taken over by a Moose. Bow ye down before the Moose God!

  9. Ian – Next time, just call around to the back of the house.  OK?

    Con – Does that explain why people hang moose-heads on their walls?  A sort of shrine?

  10. I’m actually considering this, now that they’ve thrown a moose into the deal. Do I get to ride the moose and then eat it later to supplement all those fruits and veggies?

  11. I suspect “God-botherers” is a clever codephrase for Jehovah’s Witnesses – a card-carrying, Kool-Aid swilling, Bible-contorting cult.  They’re one of those, “There’s only two ways: wrong and ours” groups whose twisted beliefs defy reason beyond belief.
    Their publications always feature just this sort of idyllic, idiotic version of Earthly paradise.   Only things missing are the rainbow and butterflies.

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