Introducing John — 8 Comments

  1. Hi John!
    How does it feel to be famous now? Had your first taste of the Paparazzi, I see. Yeah they can be bastards, lurking in the bushes in the dead of night until you pass and suddenly it’s all that bright flashing.
    Price of fame, my prickly friend.

  2. Got one like him ruling my garden. I tried to call him Arthur but he told me to call him “Sire”.
    Dog had a go at him and lost most ignominiously.  Spike holes all over his nose.
    Now the dog kneels before him.

  3. aww hiya john welcome to the family. now i have shep who is like sandy but shep just might try and boss you round by barking at you and giving you the wolf look. sheps a border collie who thinks if it moves than it needs to get herded now my shep even herds me and herself aound the house as well. oh now that i think of it tell granddad that you cant drink milk as you cant digest it properly and you also like wee bits of cold ham. i think you might get a few tasty worms in the garden and you granddad and sandy play nicely ok.

  4. They can move fast those hedgehogs.
    There’s one round our house that scares me when I come home from late shifts. It lurks in front of the door. I put my foot down in the dark, feel something move, and jump out of my skin.
    It was only because I flapped around so much and triggered the outside light sensor that I was able to spot the wee bugger scuttling away.
    He – or she? – has been named Feathers by junior house sharers. I hope they’re being ironic.

  5. Hedgehogs and dogs noses are a very prickly subject.
    Hat, coat…………………………………..

  6. Hedgehogs and dogs’ noses don’t mix very well, all right.  Our Sandy is starting to learn.  Last night we just had the circling and the “woof woof” but no “YIP” so I think she realised that hedgehogs aren’t to be trifled with.

    Hedgehogs are great yokes to have in the garden though!

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