Who is Lindsay Lohan? — 9 Comments

  1. She’s recently been released from prison after plentiful fanny fun aparrently.
    If you’re interested…… War in Korea you say?

  2. Bucko – Is that American or European fanny?  There is a slight difference!  😉

    TT – Sure half the world’s population has tits?  What’s so great about hers?  Do they sing the Hallelujah Chorus?

    RhodesTer – God help us all!!

  3. leading to concern about a third rate actress?
    She’s not that good.  “D”-list may be more accurate

  4. I don’t think so.  I believe she is just a short, little small thing.  “D”-list is along the lines of ‘third-rate’ or better yet penultimate.

  5. shes an aweful actress who was in well teen comedies such as mean girls herbie and me freaky friday and a few other films. this idiot is bff with paris hilton. so lilo as the media calls her was caught drink driving and was sent to jail. she than put on the water works in front of the judge and the judge more or less told her that she needs to go to jail. now i have no time for this girl at all. all she seems to do is put on the water works when she gets into trouble. so i am thinking here granddad if i get into trouble next time will i do a lilo and out on the water works. hee hee we shall wait and see. i do read quote a lot of mags and in fairness this idiot bores me to tears. oh no heres the water works. if anything shes like a low rent white trash version of paris hilton.  so yeah you could say i cant stand the b1tch

  6. I like  Lindsay Lohan. I hope she pulls through this portion of her life .   But, I also think it’s sick that the msm spends so much time on stuff like a whacko  with 50 followers threatening to burn a koran and  as well as what lindsay tweeted last night., instead of covering what’s really going on in this country like the growing homelessness and the way they blacklist people whenever they start talking the truth in the media.
    I think there is a place for all the news to different degrees. It’s up to the reader or watcher or listener to put there own weight of importance to it. I want to know what Lindsay is up to 1 to 10 would be 1 . i want the msm to give more weight to the 9 NATO troops who died tonight so that maybe people would wake up and get them back home where they belong.

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