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  1. Welcome, Kate! Not only am I not surprised, I would hazard a guess that the increase was predominantly amongst the older generation?  A lot of single elderly people would use the pub to socialise, and to have a quiet pint and a cigarette, but that avenue is closed to them now.  Yet more isolation of the elderly.

  2. Road accidents are highly visible and attention grabbing. It’s pretty hard to hide that little Johnny has ploughed into a tree, even if someone wanted to. Suicide still has a stigma in this country, like anything related to mental disorders. In this day and age, it’s ridiculous that so few resources are allocated to mental health.

  3. They can’t make any revenue from lads taking a run and jump …. 
    527 is a shocking number.  Four people from my class in school commited suicide, all early 20’s. Complete waste.

  4. Thanks for the welcome Grandad  🙂
    I haven’t been able to find a breakdown of which groups are more at risk from suicide yet but I suspect you’re right – older folks must be hit hard.  This is a sad story –
    People with schizophrenia tend to self medicate by smoking, being excluded from so many venues, including hospitals, isn’t great for that group either.

  5. Marcus – What they fail to realise is that road accidents can only happen if there is a car around, yet depression can hit anyone at any time,  No one is safe [apart perhaps from those who are already in an institution].  Jayzus but their attitude is depressing.

    Johnie – I have known people who were killed on the roads, and a friend of mine committed suicide a few years back, so I know the results of both.  It was the suicide that upset me the most, as to this day I still wonder if I could have made a difference.

    Kate – One of the first thoughts that crossed my mind when the ban came here was that it would lead to a lot of social isolation.  The solitary gentleman supping his pint and having a smoke and a chat was a very common site in Ireland.  They never think of these consequesnces though.

  6. Grandad,
    The churches did most of the stigmatisation, refusing people a proper funeral if they had taken their own life (and, in former times, refusing even to allow them a proper grave), consequently no-one mentioned suicide.    Even now, I know people, whose relative died in 1962 by shooting himself, yet they still maintain he died in mysterious circumstances, such is fear of talking about the truth.

  7. They bleat on about road deaths but one thing they have stopped doing is trying to teach kids road sense. It much easier to blame the drivers because they have insurance policies and wallets.
    When was the last time you saw the green cross code advert on the telly. You cant move for bloody speed kills adverts.

  8. Lol, well I’m not promoting it, tt but I hate the way some people are stigmatised and marginalised over lifestyle choices.
    Are you one of those ‘antis’ or just a concerned friend?

  9. Bucko – Very true.  Min you, do you really wat to hear them singing that fucking jingle at us again?

    TT – You are in your hole.  You are just trying to annoy me.  Again.  And failing.

    Kate – Don’t mind TT.  He is a professional winder upper.  Incidentally, he’s an Anti who smokes which is an interesting mixture?

  10. I’ve been trying to tell depressed people that it’s all in their heads but do you think that even one of them would pay attention ? Not a bit of it. Some people just won’t listen.It’s quite depressing, really.

  11. Jim McDaid said a few years ago that people who kill themselves are selfish bastards. Not long after that McDaid was caught driving the wrong way up a motorway while pissed off his tits. If it wasn’t for a truck driver that reported the incident the asshole would still be trying to find his way back to Donegal right now.

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