Filthy habits — 12 Comments

  1. Not to mention that lipstick is made out of fish scales and therefore is damaging to the sustainability and viability of our fish stocks etc. etc. etc.

    Every time a woman (or man) applies lipstick a school of herring is needlessly slaughtered.

    I’m getting good at this sarcasm I think.

  2. So what colour are you currently wearing ?
    Oh, and would you ever please fix the spell checker. We don’t speak (or spell) the ‘Merican version on this side of the Atlantic.

  3. Robert – It is truly an evil product.  And don’t forget to think about the children!

    Mossy – “Kissme Pink”.  American spellings? WHERE?  *throws hands up in horror*

  4. I prefer the glossy Ruby Red myself.

    And, when I type colour it wants me to spell it color !! So there.

  5. I can’t wear red – it clashes with my eyeballs.  And as for the spellchecker…  tough shit.  Nothing to do with me.

  6. And as for the spellchecker…  tough shit.  Nothing to do with me.
    Typical ! That’s the problem with the world these days.
    No one cares.
    I’m off to sulk and cry.

  7. I was being treated for a sexually transmitted disease until the hospital discovered it was sacond hand lipstick…

  8. I’m pretty sure I can see through this subterfuge ! You’re back to your old games under a new tent but I think I’ve sussed you out. Lipstick is just a code word for that other word that your loyal interventionists have been begging you turn your back on . Admit it and move on like the wise old git you are.

  9. Mossy – There there.  Mammy will look after you.

    King’s Nard – Nearly a nasty case of Galloping Knob-rot?  Hope hey discovered the mistake prior to surgery?

    Paulo – Nothing gets past you.  Does it? 😉

  10. I gave up lipstick 3 years ago.
    Though I am tempted to start back up anytime I am out on the town, I know I must continue to go without for the good of myself and of the whole of society.

    I miss you Chilled Champagne but you were killing me.

    If they are still around, I apologize to all the men whose lives I’ve shortened.
    (Be nice Gd.)

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