Smoking or non smoking — 23 Comments

  1. Thank you, Marcus.   Bit early yet to see the general consensus?

    Isn’t this so exciting?

    It’s like the Eurovision Song Contest.  🙂

  2. Love the way you pose the questions,  Grandad, so as to not introduce your own preferences into the decision making process.
    And the results, with bolded type – another fine example of impartial blogging.
    Proud to have voted boldly on both questions.

  3. You must be doing something right Grandad .. or people wouldn’t bother returning to the Blog .. (if only to “discuss” a point) ..

    Keep going the way you are .. if folk don’t like it, there’s plenty of other Blogs to visit ..

  4. Keep th flags GD it’s interesting to se the world spread in your readership. It’s like the countries the GAA say watched the All Ireland final today…..
    As for the content – the serendipity is great..

  5. We think your fair and impartial diatribes on the subject of smoking are both relevent and forward-thinking.
    The guys in the van across the street from your house

  6. Do you believe the hospitality industry has the intelligence to handle the smoking issue without the interference of the mayor and council or any other special interest groups??

  7. It’s your blog, Grandad, and you should be free to vent about whatever is driving you crazy on any given day!  You’re not forcing anyone to read this blog.
    As for the little flags, yours is the only site I know of that displays them.  I like them!!  And now I get to add a little USA one!

  8. Fuck this!!  I wrote a long detailed reply here and the fucking site ate it!


    Mesmer – I posed the questions in a totally unbiassed way as learnt from the hand of the masters – ASH.

    Haddock – “there’s plenty of other Blogs to visit”  How could you?  That’s like telling people to quit The Times, and read The Dandy instead?

    BigYin – They come in very handy when I want to know whether to abuse someone or not.

    King’s Bard – To be honest, I’m a little humbled by the spread of flags.  I’m particularly amazed by the number of Bar Strangled Spanners around.  The CIA in action again?

    The CIA – Will you please inform thse poor blokes of yours [yes – the ones outside my house in the black van marked “Washington Power & Light”] that they are tecnically breaking the law by smoking in the van as it is supposed to be their place of work.  Just as well they spend most of their time in the house here telling me all there is to know about Langley?

    Welcome Thomas!  I was sorely disappointed in our hospitality trade.  When the idea of the smoking ban was mooted, they just rolled over like tame puppies.  They are reaping the whirlwind now, though…

    Star – Go on outa that!  Ther are loads of little USA ones.  I notice with interest though that The CIA has managed to remove his somehow.  Devious bugger!

  9. Democracy doesn’t work, and we all know it.  You already know what you want to do, and the result of the vote will either allow you to say your decision was vindicated and that you have a mandate from the people, or you’ll turn around and say that the voters didn’t really understand the issues and rerun the vote again.

  10. 5h4mr0(k – Of course democracy works.  I’m giving everyone a vote.  The fact that the result is a forgone conclusion is irrelevant.

    Ian – We’ll have none of that, if you don’t mind.  My voting is fair and square.

  11. Flags would be much better if I could get a Scottish one. Its bad enough being forced to live in Ireland without having to advertise the fact

  12. Neelly – Much as I would like to be able to control individual flags, I can’t.  They are determined by the location of your service provider.  Our K8 used to have a UK flag before she moved house, and she was certainly living in Ireland!

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