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  1. The young wans talk about going to the ‘cinema’ nowadays in Dublin. I had forgotten about going to the’ flicks’ until you said it in twitter just now HeadRambles! It conjures up images of balding seats, chewing gum ingrained floors and something to relieve the boredom of life, stuck in the time-warp that was ‘teenagerdom’ in the 70’s! 🙂

  2. You are spot on. Hollywood movies suck ass. Dumb and dumber and dumberer.  Kiss kiss bang bang. Movies for the hard of thinking.  Trouble with Brit flicks and TV is that everything has the same six actors in it.  That and “my pet hate” smartass directors and camera men who think it’s artistic to fill the frame with  a 1/4 of someone’s face.
    I can recommend  “An Inconvenient Truth”  to you. You  should watch it eight times at least.

  3. They’re MOVIES or Flicks!
    Do you really think they’re made on film any more?
    Get use to it.  At least we no longer call them Talkies.

  4. Ahh .. a whiff of nostalgia .. the “flicks” on a Saturday morning at the local “flea-pit” (paid for by the empty pop bottles which you’d “liberated” from the yard behind the Off-Licence & then returned for the deposit) … 😉

    Bring back the Ealing comedies, I say .. same six actors/actresses or not .. they were bloody well-made & very funny ..

  5. Rosemary – I am delighted to hear that about the Cinema!  There was nothing quite like the experience of a cinema on a Saturday afternoon in the 60s.  One of the best bits was roaring at the screen, shouting encouragement or abuse at the characters!!

    TT – There was hope there that for a moment you were going to post a dull “I agree with you” comment, but then you stuck in that last line.  Thanks for the laugh!!  🙂

    The CIA – Would you lot ever fuck off and stop spying on me?  I’m sick of those stupid wire taps that I have to keep removing.  I suppose you do have a point about calling them Talkies though?

    Haddock – Ah!  The old Ealing Comedies.  Nothing can match them.  Who can forget “The Ladykillers” or “Kind Hearts and Coronets”?  Brilliant stuff, that has rarely been matched.

  6. How’s about “The Lavender Hill Mob” or the St Trinian’s films then Grandad ? .. classics … 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. My favorites –  Whisky Galore! (Great book you probably know, Compton MacKenzie) and The Titfield Thunderbolt.
    And   “Saturday afternoon in the 50’s” don’t you mean ?

  8. TT – Funny, but I was going to mention Whisky Galore [and Rockets Galore].  Loved the films and the books.  The Titfield Thunderbolf was another classic!.   OK, 50s then.

    Vespasian – please don’t use the words “hard on” in a sentence about Anniston.  It’s an oxymoron.

  9. I’ve had this argument with my son and he trumped me when he said the films aren’t made for ye old people anymore, they’re made for us, young lads with money.
    I remember the first time I saw Debbie does Drimnagh – I knew then the days of the B+W 2 reeler was over.
    Now its going 3-D. Where is it going to end?
    (In your face Rambles, in your face).

  10. The old dear used to call them the ‘Pictures’. 
    Aussies make great films but really bad telly. 

  11. TT – Possibly not, but it was still Compton McKenzie.  A great read.

    Snookertony – I regret to say that I think your son is right.  If that’s what children these days go for, then God help the future!!

    Holemaster – So did I  🙂  I had forgotten that.

  12. I took one of the granddaughters to see Nanny McPhee Returns recently.  I was enjoying a simple bit of fluff movie, not so much the $15 dollar bag of popcorn!  She was buzy texting friends, and nannysitting me.  This getting Elder Boomer is hellish. 

  13. Nah, a bit too curmudgeonly, this post. There are plenty of decent films out there if you’re prepared to look beyond Sky Movies and the cinema chains. Most of that is shite, on that we agree.
    ‘Up In The Air’ was very pleasing, thought provoking yet accessible. Plenty more, too, that won’t come to me at time of writing.

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