Letter to Google — 17 Comments

  1. Brilliantly put! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Well not without a few “fucking”s at least… No… still… couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂

  2. Kae – If was your house we stayed in, then I’m sorry about the blood stains and the dog hairs.  Just send on the bill?  I have been searching around and even the remotest islands in the oceans have better coverage than Ireland.  I would hazard a guess that even the Sahara Desert has better overall coverage.

  3. Oh god I misread that as “you can practically hump the camels”… someone do something to remove the DIRTY from my mind… :/

  4. Kae – We must have one of the worst coverage rates around.  It’s not even as if Google don’t know we exist?

    NiallOK – Don’t worry about the dirty mind.  It adds spice to life.  So does humping camels [so I’m told].

  5. I wonder where the black hole begins. I checked out the place where I was staying in London and you could practically count the slates in the roof, even Dublin looks pretty decent, but somewhere out west things start going downhill

  6. if you look at the occupied counties on Google earth,  they have Street View on every wee country lane, with clear high res pictures.
    The Street View images stops right at our banana republic

  7. Welcome Caligula.  So what you are suggesting is that Google staff are permanently pissed in Ireland?  Now that makes a lot of sense.

  8. That’s exactly what I’m suggesting Grandad. (I haven’t heard any other plausible explanations and until I do I’m sticking to my theory)

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