Stop thief — 11 Comments

  1. Robert – Does this mean that you have been stealing my weekdays?  You have too many Fridays?  Damn!

  2. I don’t know. I had loads planned to do but that was for Saturday. I seem to have misplaced a day somewhere.

  3. I must be. One minute I’m drinking Guinness like there’s no tomorrow and next thing it is tomorrow!
    Can’t explain it.

  4. “Who the fuck is stealing my days?”
    Same SOB that’s stealing mine. And now it’s raining so I can’t do the work I was planning to do on Saturday. If I ever catch this day stealing bastard I’m gonna make ’em…well…do all the work I was planning to do on Saturday. Nothing like an indentured servant.

  5. Sunday is just another day for all of the “Herselves” out there to look at us and say “since you are not doing anything, or since you are just sitting there, would you mind doing,………….. what ever the fuck they want us to do so that of course we will end in the grave much sooner and they can then spend the dole on some younger buck! Ain’t life grand, and we always thought we were the “majority”, ha!

  6. It’s quite simple…………. you are now on the Slippery Slope…
    you just keep going faster and faster ,’till one day you fall off
    the End ………and it is really the End.

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