The ostrich syndrome — 12 Comments

  1. There is no way I am going to rely on the state to look after my nappies.  I’d buy a one-way ticket to Dignitas first.

  2. Can actual tobbaconists themselves.. those who sell nothing but tobacco and tobacco related products (and there are still… a few) still display their wares openly on the shelves?… I should bloody hope so…

  3. That thought had crossed my mind, and I have no idea.  I haven’t been in a ‘pure tobacconist’ since.  Knowing the daft state of the laws here, I would imagine they would have to cover up.

  4. Yes i know its been w while since i last popped in to read and comment on your blog. But just to let you know i have wi max now and i have to say its great.
    I actaully have a not so funny story for you grandad. A few years back my mum got an ucler do to codine related medciation. Now this was all the doctors fault but you see while they were trying to save my mum. They didnt actaully tell her that codeine can cause uclers.
    But i do know from a certain person who got addicated to codine actually told me that they can get high.
    Now which makes me laugh in a way. I am in the middle of doing my exams at the moment and i am getting the mother of all headaches due to the stress of things.  So i did the same as youself popping into a chemist and asking for a box of pain killers. Although i didnt get a cute sharon look alike but more like a small bald man who annoyed the bejaysis out of me saying that this is highly addicative and you should only take them when needed.
    So when he was finished his leature i than turned around and told him this im actaully addicated to twilight and i also love my guinness are you going to leature me on this. The little bald man stayed quite and said nothing. But i will say this this country has gone into a mess. IF they keep up with this nanny culture it will destroy this well once was nice country.
    In a way when you think about it i am certainly not going to lecture my favourite guinness drinkers and smokers on the bad things that drinking and smoking can do to them. At the end of the day its your business what you choose in what you put in your body.  oh i dont think that mcdonalds could really give out to me on how much fat is in there foods im actaully keeping them afloat with my love of their veggie wrap meals

  5. Last time I was in one was to buy a zippo lighter (which I lost promptly enough since, but that’s a different scéal)… they seemed to have everything prominently on display… no logos though. This was only 2-3 months ago..

  6. Hiya Vikki Victoria, and welcome back.  Indeed, some of those medications are dangerous, and the vast majority of us know that.  No one but a fool would ignore the dosage instructions.  It amuses me though that a chemist can get his knickers in a knot over a painkiller when there are far more deadly items on open display.  Ours is a rural pharmacy, so there are plenty of animal medications on display.  Not to mention rat poisons and insecticides!!

    NiallOK – How did they manage to display everything without logos?  Were cigarettes on display?

    TT – Conspiracy?  What conspiracy?

  7. What a turn around. In days gone by you’d have to mess about in the chemist pretending you wanted painkillers while you were seeing if it was safe to ask for condoms – which they might not even sell.
    Now they’re shoving condoms down your throat when all you want is a painkiller.
    Thanks all the same for the contraceptives, but my splitting head is doing the job just fine already.

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